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Since 1990, we have placed thousands of physicians and advanced practitioners in top medical positions nationwide. Our recruiters provide superior service to those seeking jobs and those looking to fill medical positions. We look forward to helping you!

Job Placements

We place physicians and advanced practitioners every day in positions perfectly suited to their qualifications and preferences.

Years of Experience

Through our decades of experience, we’ve learned the ins and outs of the medical recruiting industry and bring our skills and knowledge to you.

Recruiting Specialists

Our recruiters focus on specific specialties so they can find the perfect job for each physician and advanced practitioner.

Find a Job

Looking for a medical job? Search our job board with over 6,000 physician and advanced practitioner positions, updated daily. We post jobs in every specialty and in every state across the country. Your next medical job is waiting for you!

Fill a Position

Looking for top medical professionals? We work with hospitals and medical groups of all sizes and can help you fill open positions with qualified, vetted physicians and advanced practitioners. Let us help you find the right candidate!

Meet Our Recruiters

Meet Leah, an expert in Oncology.

Meet Greg, an expert in Primary Care.

Meet Michelle, an expert in Hospitalists.

Meet John, an expert in Internal Medicine.

Robyn Baker

Senior Search Consultant
New England Division, All Specialties


Jennifer Viera

Senior Search Consultant
New England Division, All Specialties


Ken Warshaw

Senior Search Consultant


Greg Basse

Senior Search Consultant
Family Medicine and Urgent Care

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3002

Greg Johnson

Senior Search Consultant
Family Medicine and Urgent Care

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3019

Mike Sparks

Senior Associate Consultant
Family Medicine and Urgent Care

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3018

Brian Nichols

Senior Search Consultant
Internal Medicine and Pulmonary/Critical Care


John Hardesty

Senior Search Consultant
Internal Medicine and Pulmonary/Critical Care


Michelle Roach

Senior Search Consultant
Hospital Medicine

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3015

Yanisse Spillman

Senior Associate Consultant
Hospital Medicine


Chris Brooks

Senior Search Consultant
Advanced Practitioners, Orthopedics, and CRNA

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3042

Steve Frank

Senior Search Consultant
Chicago/Chicagoland, All Surgical Specialties

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3016

Tony Malan

Senior Search Consultant
OB/GYN and Dermatology

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3027

Penny Meyer

Senior Search Consultant
Endocrinology, Infectious Disease, and Rheumatology


Terri Munson

Senior Search Consultant
Advanced Practitioners

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3017

Dustin Overfelt

Senior Search Consultant
Neurology and Gastroenterology


Leah Pair

Senior Search Consultant
Otolaryngology, Hematology/ Oncology, and Radiation Oncology


Betsy Wegusen

Senior Search Consultant
Pediatrics, Med/Peds, and Neonatology

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3003

Michele Gutermuth

Senior Search Consultant

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3017

Dave Duncan

Senior Search Consultant

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3011

Beth Walker

Associate Search Consultant

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3038

Don't see a recruiter in your specialty? Contact us at 1-800-467-3737 and we'll connect you with the right recruiter!


Our company culture is to lead by example and to have hands-on involvement. We work together to achieve our common goal of matching qualified physicians and advanced practitioners in medical positions across the country.

Neal Fenster


1-800-467-3737 ext. 3005

Paul Smallwood

Executive Vice President and Managing Principal

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3020

Diane Jones

Director of Administrative Services

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3001

Charles Thal

Chief Financial Officer


Business Development and Marketing

Our business development team understands the recruitment challenges that medical groups face. We listen to your needs and seek out top candidates that meet your criteria.

Matt Neuwirth

Senior Vice President, Business Development

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3021

Amy Luithle

Business Development and Marketing Coordinator

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3026

Kristin O’Brien

Director of Sourcing and Candidate Acquisition


Matt Ross

Manager of Marketing and Technology

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3022

Manny DeFranco

Director of Candidate and Client Development

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3009

Steve Horvath

Director of Candidate and Client Development

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3025

Cindy Cummings

Director of Candidate and Client Development

1-800-467-3737 ext. 3008


Our administration team supports the efforts of our recruiters, business development team, and leadership, allowing us to provide superior service to everyone we work with.

Christy Jenkins


Debbie Alles


Jo Ellen Schafer


Lisa Clayton


Rachal Goldkamp-Fechter


Terri Armstrong


Tiffany Leicht


Trisha Wieberg


Enterprise Medical Recruiting was excellent to work with. We were unsuccessful at attracting viable candidates for a difficult-to-fill subspecialty position. After 18 months of recruiting efforts on our own, we turned to the recruitment team at Enterprise. They were immediately engaged and extremely responsive and helped us successfully fill the position in less than 6 months.

Todd, University of Missouri, Department of Anesthesiology

Enterprise Medical Recruiting has top notch leadership that is committed to constantly improving and making the company the best in the industry. Consultants are experts in their fields and the tenure of the team speaks for itself.

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