Case Study

Strengthening Primary Care at Memorial Physician Services in Jacksonville, IL


Memorial Physician Services, based in Springfield, Illinois, identified a critical need to expand their family medicine team across multiple service areas to meet increased demand in the respective communities. The goal was to find a skilled and compassionate family medicine physician who aligned with the organization’s commitment to exceptional patient care.



Kyri collaborated closely with Memorial Physician Services’ leadership to understand the specific requirements for the rural, Family Medicine physician position. This involved a thorough analysis of the organization’s culture, values, and the unique needs of the Jacksonville community. A compelling job description highlighting the organization’s commitment to patient-centered care, advanced medical technology, and a supportive working environment was strategically crafted. This was promoted across various platforms to maximize visibility and attract potential candidates.

Leveraging our extensive network, Kyri identified potential candidates, emphasizing those with strong family medicine backgrounds. Personalized outreach campaigns and a comprehensive screening process ensured that only qualified candidates were presented to Memorial Physician Services. Kyri facilitated seamless communication between Memorial Physician Services’ hiring committee and the physician. Coordinating interviews, site visits, and discussions about the organization’s values and community engagement initiatives allowed for a collaborative decision-making process.



An experienced Family Medicine physician that completed residency in a rural medicine program, joined Memorial Physician Services, bringing a wealth of clinical expertise and a commitment to providing high-quality, patient-centered care. His alignment with the organization’s values made him an ideal fit for the team. The addition of this physician significantly contributed to the organization’s ability to meet the growing demand for primary care services in an underserved community. Patient wait times were reduced, leading to improved access to healthcare and higher patient satisfaction scores.

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