Case Study

4 Physicians placed in 2022 at TJ Regional Health


TJ Regional Health is a 200+ bed community hospital in Glasgow, KY that is strategically located 30-minutes from a medium-sized city aimed to serve rural, agricultural residents across a 5-county service area in Southern Kentucky.

Though Glasgow is a small community, the area provides living options for those that are seeking smaller communities with extra space or those that prefer urban surroundings with a short drive to work. Either option provides access to Nashville in under 60-minutes with excellent entertainment at one’s fingertips.

The hospital pride themselves on cultivating a physician-friendly environment, operate in the black, and invest wisely to provide top-class facilities and equipment to patients and providers. The challenge at TJ Regional Health is identifying candidate providers that value quality of life, a positive work environment, and are comfortable practicing with community medicine.



Michael Taylor at TJ Regional Health leveraged Enterprise Medical Recruiting’s marketing strategies for better global and strategic outreach within key specialties that share the same ethos & values. Together, Enterprise and TJ Regional have constructed a unified message that accurately portrays the professional expectations, earning potential, and lifestyle. Enterprise provided candidate activity and helped facilitate the recruiting process, while the team at TJ Regional engaged with candidates quickly to highlight their commitment to recruitment.



Within the first full year of recruitment efforts, Enterprise was able to place 4 physicians across 4 key specialty needs with TJ Regional committing to starting a needed service line to accommodate a specialty, husband-wife team.

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