We all know that 2024 is a long way off. Much could happen between now and then that could change the landscape of the medical field drastically. But with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, it has spurred an unquenchable thirst for the need of medical professionals. The Department of Labor Statistics shows that the growth was spurned at the time of passing of the act.

The need isn’t just for doctors, but registered nurses as well as nursing assistants, even senior personal care professionals are in need. The Department of Labor Statistics shows that the trend for this need is skyrocketing. By 2024, it is forecasted that Registered Nurse job openings will be north of one million. Does this coincide with Nurses having more power to administer care to patients? Possibly, or could it be that the cost of going through nursing school is much less than getting a PHD?

Hospitals will be looking to fill these positions. It will be up to you and your recruiter to find the best possible position for you and your needs/wants. That also brings up that having the right medical recruiter on your side is pivotal to finding the right job fast. While seeing the good numbers on job growth is a positive it never guarantees you a job.

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