Sometimes staffing gaps happen. There can be turnover waves that you can’t foresee. What do you do? This can be every hospital administrators nightmare. Using a combination of technology and staffing firms can be both your best defense and offense to these types of situations. While no one person can be simply be replaced by a machine, a person with the right tools/machine can be that much more efficient if there are labor gaps. This is and will be the trend for the years to come.

What does this mean?

This means that the healthcare industry is seeing its biggest boom in years as far as need for urgent care services are concerned. With this boom there is a greater need than there is a force to fill that need. Technology can be your friend. In some case, it can only be a temporary friend and as such you will need to fill that position as soon as possible. Some  temporary fixes, while you work with a medical recruiting firm, can be:

  • Apps- While most apps can help with either the efficiency or as a patient touch point, they are a temporary solution. Most custom applications require constant updates and downtime. You need to schedule these in with your workforce.
  • Upgraded systems – This can be a great time saver but these upgrades can usually cost around the same as a few quality people. Also, as same with the apps, the upgrades have to be scheduled.

There are plenty of choice of there for a fix, but a true solution is find the right people for the roles you need to fill. We can help with that. Give one of our consultants a call to help find a solution for your health workplace.