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How Hospitals Can Use Technology to Fix Staffing Gaps

Sometimes staffing gaps happen. There can be turnover waves that you can’t foresee. What do you do? This can be every hospital administrators nightmare. Using a combination of technology and staffing firms can be both your best defense and offense to these types of...
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How Hospitals Can Defend Themselves Against Physician Burnout

Physicians are people too. They work long hours and meet with many different personalities. This can take a toll on both the body and mind. This isn’t a new discovery to the medical profession but this is a rising trend. A trend that has seen double digit growth between...
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Looking at the Medical Employment Field in 2024

We all know that 2024 is long way off. Much could happen between now and then that could change the landscape of the medical field drastically. But with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, it has spurred an unquenchable thirst for the need of medical professionals. The...
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Navigating the Oncoming Physician Shortage

While keeping up with the recruitment of doctors is always key, it is nearly impossible with how large the gap is increasing. Hospitals are charged with the task to still provide appropriate care to patients with or without the number of physicians. Step in physician assistants...
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Physician Employment Compensation Trends

Not a huge surprise, but physician salaries are going up.  Primary care compensation is dwarfed by specialty care compensation, and the specialty that brings that total up is Orthopedics, which tops out at $480K per year. While specialties like Emergency Medicine and HIV/ID have...
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The Anatomy Of A CV

  Make your first impression count!  Your CV is the first thing a potential employer sees, so it’s essential to make sure it’s polished and professional. Senior Search Consultants Jennifer Mortimore and Manny DeFranco have 30+ years of combined experience working with...
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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Job Search

At Enterprise Medical Recruiting, we specialize in physician recruitment, so we know that searching for a job can feel like a full-time job. These tips can help you maximize your job search. 1. Make a list of needs versus wants.  Prioritize your list of wants and needs by...
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Visualizing Your Dream Job

It can be overwhelming to decide exactly what you want to do for the rest of your medical career. With so many options available for doctors and so many potential hospitals to apply to, some aspiring physicians can get lost. Working with a physician recruiter can help you get...
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Physician Recruiting Firm Offers Candidates Advice On Searching For A New Job

Many physicians find it difficult to narrow down what their true priorities are when searching for a new position. Prior to beginning a job search a physician should ask themselves a few important questions.
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