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Physician Job Search Guide: Criteria and Priorities in Your Medical Job Search

When looking for a new medical job, it's important to consider your criteria and priorities. This will focus your search on the best opportunities for you.
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Physician Job Search Guide: Preparing a List of References

When applying for a medical job, you will need professional references. To be prepared, here are some tips to prepare your list.
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Physician Job Search Guide: Creating Your Medical Resume

To be prepared for your medical job search, it's useful to start on your CV now. Here's the information we recommend including.
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Physician Job Search Guide: When to Start Looking for a Job

When is the best time to look for a medical job? That depends on your situation. Here are some tips on how to know what's right for you.
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How Hospitals Can Use Technology to Fix Staffing Gaps

When hospitals use the right combination of tools and medical professionals, they can effectively solve the problem of physician staffing gaps.
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How Hospitals Can Defend Themselves Against Physician Burnout

Spotting the warning signs of physician burnout can help slow the process, which leads to better results for both doctors and their patients.
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Looking at the Medical Employment Field in 2024

The forecast for the medical employment field over the next few years is good, which impacts how, when, and where physicians look for jobs.
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How Physician Assistants and Nurse Pracitioners Can Help with the Oncoming Physician Shortage

Hiring physician assistants and nurse practitioners is part of the solution to navigating the oncoming physician shortage.
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Physician Employment Compensation Trends

Understanding compensation trends in the medical field can help you make a decision if you’re considering relocating or changing positions.
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