We are your healthcare recruitment partner.

We understand your needs &
recruitment challenges.

Evaluate Needs

We meet with you to understand your organization’s culture and determine what you’re looking for in a candidate.

Find Medical Talent

Using our robust database, interactive marketing, social media, email, and networking, we are able to find medical professionals to fill your critical needs.

Screen Candidates

We check references and vet applicants to determine how compatible they are clinically and culturally with your organization.


We listen to your recruitment challenges and create a solution that works for you through open, two-way communication.

100+ Positions

We find top medical talent for a variety of positions, including physicians, advanced practice, and healthcare executives.

Long-Term Placement

We search for the candidate who is the best fit culturally and clinically for your position and who will stay with your organization long-term.

All Facilities

Whatever the size of your organization, from a rural clinic to an urban hospital, we can help you find the right medical staff for your team.


We work alongside your team to supplement your recruitment needs and enhance your candidate reach.


Our comprehensive marketing tactics ensure that your position is seen by both active and passive job seekers.


How our specialty-specific consultants find qualified physicians and advanced practitioners:

Using the latest recruitment technology to find both active and passive qualified candidates.

Vast database of physicians with up-to-date contact information.

Expertise of our highly tenured consultants.

Preparing you and the candidate for phone and in-person interviews.

Staying involved during the hiring process and decision.

100% of the fee is due when the position is accepted.


How our client-dedicated team fills the most challenging searches for physicians and advanced practitioners:

Spending the time to fully understand all aspects of a search, job profile, compensation, and candidate criteria and parameters.

Using multiple effective marketing channels that give us the ability to reach hot, warm, and cold job-seekers.

Placing your position on the highest-ranking physician job sites available.

Understanding the current recruitment market conditions.

*Includes a full year placement retention warranty.

Work with the best.

Our consultants are the best in the business and take pride in building relationships that help communities find physicians. We adhere to all the codes of ethics and standards of practice of NAPR, which we have been a member of for over 20 years. This year, we are also a corporate contributor to ASPR.

Get started filling your position.

Get started filling your position.